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Why Focus on ‘Humane Farms?’

Many people ask this question. ‘Why bother protesting small farms? Large industrial farms are the problem and the biggest animal abusers.’ Actually a good point. Why do some groups like DXE and others focus so much on supposedly ‘humane’ establishments instead of the indisputably horrible ‘factory farms’? Well the simple answer is this. Killing an… Continue reading Why Focus on ‘Humane Farms?’

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What are ‘Ag-gag’ laws?

Ag-gag laws are laws that ban the use of film, photography , undercover investigations, or even whistleblowing in places like slaughterhouses and farms. Some are passed after undercover investigations showing conditions in these places, like Utah’s ag-gag law, which was passed the same day a fifth employee of butterball pleaded guilty to animal cruelty as… Continue reading What are ‘Ag-gag’ laws?

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Is Disruption a Good Tactic?

Many activists and organizations use disruptions as an activism tactic. Basically, a disruption  is  activists  marching into an establishment or other location, and chanting, speaking, or otherwise drawing attention. The animal rights movement is  famous for this, especially the group Direct Action Everywhere, but this is a tactic used throughout history many times. Disruptions are… Continue reading Is Disruption a Good Tactic?


Today We Remember Jill Phipps

On February 1st, 1995, 31 year old mother and animal rights activist Jill Phipps was tragically killed while defending animals. She had a long history of defending the voiceless, and even received a suspended prison sentence in 1984 for the raid on Unilever, while she was pregnant no less,  who tortures animals in experiments for their products.… Continue reading Today We Remember Jill Phipps

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The Anita Kranjc Case

Anita Kranjc is the co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, a group who films pigs on their way to slaughter, hosts demonstrations to raise awareness about the atrocities of the slaughterhouse, and gives water to pigs deprived of it during transport to the slaughterhouse, sometimes for days. Canadian law says it is perfectly legal for pigs to… Continue reading The Anita Kranjc Case