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Why Focus on ‘Humane Farms?’

Many people ask this question. ‘Why bother protesting small farms? Large industrial farms are the problem and the biggest animal abusers.’

Actually a good point. Why do some groups like DXE and others focus so much on supposedly ‘humane’ establishments instead of the indisputably horrible ‘factory farms’? Well the simple answer is this. Killing an animal, even supposedly killing them humanely, for a product we don’t even need is a huge and egregious violation of their rights, and is an act of violence. Violence cannot be humane. Have you ever heard of humane genocide or humane rape? And yet the industry is trying to sell us the idea of humane murder. Humane separation of mother and child, and even yes, humane rape of non human females. And so we seek to make it so they can’t hide behind the absurd lie of humane violence.

It would certainly be easier only to address the worst abuses, but it would not address the root problem. Imagine if abolitionists in the 18th and 19th century had only campaigned against the worst practices of slavery or the worst plantations? Sure, better than nothing, but slavery itself was(and remains) the moral crime. Some places may be less cruel, but none are kind, none are compassionate, all kill living beings. That is not humane. And we fail if we do not address the very conscious effort of the industry to put a better face on the bloodshed. It is almost worse to commit an act of violence and say it was kind or humane. We also cannot hope to have a peaceful society for humans or non humans as long as violence is an accepted norm.


Many farms also use the humane label, and many are in fact very highly rated by stores and even animal welfare groups, but investigations show extreme abuse at their facilities (,,

Bottom line: Humane slaughter is a lie and we do animals a disservice by allowing it to exist unchallenged.


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