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Why Being Called a Cow is Not an Insult


1. Cows are great problem solvers and will invent quite ingenious solutions to a problem.  They have even been known to get excited and jump into the air when they have figured out the solution.

2. Cows are family oriented. Although they are not allowed to do this on farms, cows form herds similar to an elephant’s. Females live together with the oldest and wisest often being the leader. Other females will even babysit the youngsters of other mothers. Cows also have friends in their herd, cows they prefer to spend their time with as opposed to others they may not care for as much. Sanctuaries report that cows are very curious when a new cow is introduced and will often line up to greet them, especially a baby. Cows have been known to adopt calves and even nurse them if their mother is not around. Cows will also cry, sometimes for weeks or until they go hoarse if their baby is taken. This is well known in the industry, and some cows have been known to break down stalls or walk for miles to get to their baby. The founder of Rowdy girl sanctuary, which used to be a cattle ranch, reported that the mothers would chase the truck taking their babies away. In fact, a few years ago, neighbours called the police after hearing ‘inhuman’ sounds coming from a dairy farm. When they arrived, they were told it was just the cows crying for their calves.


3. Cows are tough. Cows can take many physical traumas thrown at them and still survive. Some slaughterhouse workers report cows still conscious after many blows to the head from the captive bolt gun.

4. Cows have great big horns but ordinarily do not use them for violence. Although they could seriously injure one another, cows rarely use their horns for extreme aggression. Although when a mother cow charges a human trying to take her baby, you can see why they gouge or burn their horns off as babies. But in sanctuaries, cows are not generally dangerous at all with their horns to humans or other cows. It should be noted that in the first video the calf she was defending was not even her baby, but her friend’s.


5. Cows are quite serene. I do not know what it is about them, but they seem to take the world in stride, like they have it all figured out almost. Like they are in no hurry.


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