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Let William Go!

Update: Tragically, William had been killed by the University of Iowa. We must honour his memory by speaking up for all animals in laboratories.






Recently, the news broke that a goat had escaped from the University of Iowa. The University admits he was used in painful experiments. After ten days on the run, he was recaptured and sent back to the lab. New Life Animal Sanctuary in California has offered to give William a permanent home, and even to pay for transport costs, but this offer was refused. This is where he could be going if he is released:


Please, help William. We must pressure the University into releasing him. We can help him if we all work together. Getting him freed to a sanctuary wont stop animal testing, and it wont save all the goats imprisoned with him, but it will save this one special boy. It may help people understand that animals used for vivisection suffer just as much as any other animal.

The University has referred to William as an ‘it’, showing their complete disregard for him. So in order to save his life, I am starting hashtag called ‪#‎letwilliamgo‬.  So I am urging everyone to tell the University of Iowa to do the right thing, at least for this guy, and let him go to California. Please email them and call them,,
Post on their facebook page,,
Send them a tweet,,
Make sure to post about William using this hashtag, to make sure people know about his plight. Contact every official at the University you can think of, this is the University’s office of the president email:
Sign the petition started by Progress for Science to win his freedom.


And please, make a photo like this, use the hashtag, and post.



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