Animal Issues

No Such Thing as ‘Responsible Breeder’


Many people, upon learning of the atrocities of puppy, kitten and rabbit mills, decide to buy their animals from so called ‘responsible breeders’. While it is true maybe thy don’t keep their animals in cages, and provide vet care, they are by no means responsible. Because of overcrowding, shelters are euthanizing millions of animals a year. If they don’t, they must turn animals away to face their fate. Adopting anywhere but from a shelter, not spaying and neutering, and allowing breeding encourages this. When you buy,a shelter dog/cat/rabbit dies.

adopt dont shop


One who breeds animals such as snakes or birds, is breeding animals not suited to captivity, and who invariably will suffer outside of a sanctuary.

Many people believe the animals in shelters are damaged somehow, but this is often not the case. Many were simply surrendered when their ‘owners’ moved, or could no longer afford their care. Many are even purebreds. If there are no purebreds and you really want a purebred ( and keep in mind they are more prone to health problems) check out your local breed rescues. Same thing is you want to adopt an animal like a bird or a snake( who have very specific needs)


Think letting you animal breed wont make much of a difference? Think again.unspayeduntitledarent enough homes


Don’t breed or buy!

dont breed or buy.png







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