Today We Remember Jill Phipps

On February 1st, 1995, 31 year old mother and animal rights activist Jill Phipps was tragically killed while defending animals. She had a long history of defending the voiceless, and even received a suspended prison sentence in 1984 for the raid on Unilever, while she was pregnant no less,  who tortures animals in experiments for their products. Her mother and sister were both jailed for the action.

Jill Phipps


Jill Phipps was killed while protesting the live ‘export’ of baby calves destined for veal crates from Coventry Airport to the continent. Veal crates were illegal in the U.K, so the unwanted dairy calves were simply sent overseas to become veal. She was tragically run over by a truck carrying doomed calves while trying to end this barbaric practice. She was clearly visible in the road and waving her arms for the truck to stop.  She left behind her ten year old son,  and died in her mother’s arms on the road.

Since her death, there has been a day of action every year for animals in her memory.

Jill Phipps was killed while speaking up for the voiceless, and we will fight on in her name, her legacy of compassion lives on. May we all hope to be as brave, compassionate, and dedicated as she was.

Thank you Jill. We will fight on in your name, the names of others who have fallen for this cause, and of course in the name of the victims.

jill phipps 2.png


In memory of Jill Phipps, please see these documentaries and show them to others.

Behind the Mask, the Story of People Who Risk Everything to Save Animals:,

Jill’s Film:,










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