Animal Issues

No Such Thing as ‘Responsible Breeder’

  Many people, upon learning of the atrocities of puppy, kitten and rabbit mills, decide to buy their animals from so called ‘responsible breeders’. While it is true maybe thy don’t keep their animals in cages, and provide vet care, they are by no means responsible. Because of overcrowding, shelters are euthanizing millions of animals… Continue reading No Such Thing as ‘Responsible Breeder’

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What is ‘humane washing’?

Almost everyone has heard of free range, cage free, certified humane, free run, or ‘naturally raised’ animal products. Most corporations will state they have a huge commitment to ‘animal welfare.’ Some companies, when exposed for their gruesome practices, like castration without pain relief or gestation crates(stalls so small pregnant pigs cant turn around), they will… Continue reading What is ‘humane washing’?


Today We Remember Jill Phipps

On February 1st, 1995, 31 year old mother and animal rights activist Jill Phipps was tragically killed while defending animals. She had a long history of defending the voiceless, and even received a suspended prison sentence in 1984 for the raid on Unilever, while she was pregnant no less,  who tortures animals in experiments for their products.… Continue reading Today We Remember Jill Phipps