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The Anita Kranjc Case

Anita Kranjc is the co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, a group who films pigs on their way to slaughter, hosts demonstrations to raise awareness about the atrocities of the slaughterhouse, and gives water to pigs deprived of it during transport to the slaughterhouse, sometimes for days. Canadian law says it is perfectly legal for pigs to go without water for 36 hours, even in a  heat wave.

Toronto Pig Save and the many ‘Save’ groups have done this for many years, even managing to save a few lives.  A chicken named Mercy was surrendered to Toronto Chicken Save, and now lives at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary.

Meadow, a lamb, was also saved, and now lives at Wishing Well Sanctuary.


But now, Anita Kranjc is being charged with criminal mischief for giving water to thirsty pigs bound for the slaughterhouse. You read that right. Giving water to suffering animals is apparently a crime. She could even face jail time, as she refuses to pay any fines or admit that what she did was wrong. Because it wasn’t. The incident happened during a heat wave in June. The driver instructs her to stop giving water to the pigs, calling her a ‘dumb broad’, and Anita refuses. He even threatens to slap the water out of her hands.

In the past, the police have actually helped the activists stop the trucks so they can give the pigs water. Anita believes this charge comes directly from the slaughterhouse, who wish to stop the activists bringing awareness to the suffering of the animals. Toronto Pig Save continues their vigils several times a week, Anita included.

To join one of their vigils or find a chapter in your area, go to:,

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4 thoughts on “The Anita Kranjc Case

  1. I actually was just wondering how was that situation going…
    Of course what she did couldn’t possibly be sanely considered illegal. She didn’t steal the pigs, didn’t harm them and didn’t interfere in any way harmful for the slaughterhouse. But of course this type of act is inconvenient because will make people think about the fairness of treating animals like things, about how they are living breathing FEELING beings and there are already people who have realized that.


    1. Anita is currently awaiting trial on this charge. She isn’t in jail at the moment, and continues her vigils.
      There technically isn’t any specific law saying you cant give water to animals, so they charged her with ‘interfering with property’. As Anita and other activists say, pigs aren’t property, they are someone , not something.

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