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Is Veganism for the Privileged?

Veganism and animal rights activism has often been criticized as a  middle class movement, made up of people with money to spare. It may be true to an extent, because people tend to be more open to social justice messages when they aren’t focusing on their own survival. And a starving person will eat any food they can find , vegan or not.  But many vegans are not what you would consider rich, and veganism isn’t necessarily more expensive.

31 Recipes for $3 to Start #TheYearOfVegan Off Right



2 thoughts on “Is Veganism for the Privileged?

  1. I truly appreciate you honoring both sides of the issue. For people who don’t struggle with food insecurity, a vegan lifestyle is no more expensive than their their current diet, but it’s not fair for us to expect the millions of people with no access to affordable, nutritious vegan options to live off of the food-like products in their neighborhood for the sake of animal welfare.


    1. Of course we cant expect starving people to be too picky about whatever food they can find, but luckily being vegan without a lot of money is getting easier. There are even vegan soup kitchens now.


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