Animal Issues

Humane Meat?

Many well meaning people, upon hearing that I am a vegan and an activist, say ‘Well, why don’t we just make better conditions?’ Or’ I know people who treat their animals really well, they love them.’ The answer, in short, is that humane violence and humane exploitation do not exist. Some farms may be less cruel than others, maybe some actually make an effort to make the animals slightly more comfortable. But they all want something from them, they all kill them in the end for money. And for a product we don’t need.  I completely support some welfare measures, like requiring water for animals being transported or banning chick grinding or castration without anesthesia, but even if we were to have the animals living in luxury, it would not make what we do to them humane. It would be like the abolitionists of the 19th century saying ‘just don’t whip the slaves as often’. Sure, not whipping the slaves is better, but it doesn’t make slavery justifiable.

The idea of humane animal products is based on the assumption that we should only consider the interests and needs of animals when it doesn’t clash with ours, this is the very definition of speciesism.

If humane dog or cat meat doesn’t exist, or humane human slavery, neither does humane pork or humane beef, humane fish or humane chicken.

Apart from the fact that animal products are built on exploitation, many companies intentionally mislead consumers, to make them feel better about consuming animals. Whole Foods is a well known ‘humane washer’. But look at what Whole Foods is calling ‘humane’.

Undercover investigation of Whole Foods pork supplier:,

Open Rescue and Investigation of one of Whole Foods’ egg farms:


Many eggs will have the label ‘free range’ or ‘cage free’ on them. All this means is they were shoved by the thousands into a warehouse. These places are so vile humans have to wear masks to breathe in them.  All hens used for eggs, even those in backyards, come from hatcheries, where the males are suffocated or ground up alive and the females have their sensitive beaks sliced off. 

The same goes for ‘free range’ meat, it does not mean the animals had a good life at all. We even have so called animal welfare organizations like the RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming promoting the idea of humane slaughter and humane exploitation.

The animals are still subjected to mutilations without anesthetic, are still taken from their mothers, and even end up in the same slaughterhouses as factory farmed animals.

Then there is fish. Why do I advocate for fish and lobsters and crabs? Well because they are animals and they feel. A fish is no different from a dog or cat just because they swim instead of walk and don’t have the vocal cords to scream. Even many people who say they are vegetarian continue to consume fish( this is incorrect. If you eat fish, you are not vegetarian). A lobster and crab feels when they are boiled alive, a fish feels when they are packed so tightly in fish farms they rub each other’s scales off or their eyes and stomachs pop out from decompression as they are pulled from deep water.

Do you think these fish look happy? They can hardly move.


As for dairy, dairy can never be humane because of what they do to the cows (or goats or whatever animal the milk comes from). They are mammals, so they must have  a baby to produce milk, just like humans or dogs or cats. It is breast milk that for some reason humans think they need. The cows are repeatedly artificially inseminated, using a device the industry calls a ‘rape rack’. After her nine month pregnancy, she gives birth. If the baby is a boy, he will most likely be discarded and left to die or killed outright, or sent to a veal farm. If the baby is a girl, she may be killed as well if she is not wanted, or she may become a dairy cow like her mother. Dairy cows are slaughtered at around four years of age, because they are too worn out to be profitable anymore. Some cant even walk to their own deaths.

Cows are very loving and devoted mothers, something I have witnessed myself. The founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in Texas, a rancher’s wife turned vegan, reported how the cows chased after the trailers taking their babies away, and only stopped crying for them when they lost their voice.

Watch this mother try to run after her baby.

Please, don’t buy the humane lie.



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