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Foie Gras Ban Overturned in California.

Foie Gras- otherwise known as torture in a tin- translates to ‘fatty liver’ in French. This barbaric product is made by force feeding ducks and geese several times a day with steel tubes until their liver swells to three times it’s normal size. The animals often suffer from internal bleeding, and injuries related to having a tube stuffed roughly down their throat.

In 2012, Foie Gras was made illegal in California, and this ban has just been overturned on a legal technicality. This will cause innocent ducks and geese to suffer for the human palate. I urge everyone who reads this never to buy or otherwise support foie gras, educate others about this torture, and tell California how displeased you are. Always tell any restaurants that serve foie gras that you will not support them until they stop.

And please, tell Amazon to stop shipping Foie Gras.

For more information:

Foie Gras: Cruelty to Ducks and Geese


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