all of them

Animals are the most vulnerable members of our society. We torture them in laboratories, in farms and slaughterhouses, we use them for entertainment, we put them in cages and we deprive them of their families. Learn what you can do to help stop animal cruelty.




2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Except all of the human babies (about 31.5 million worldwide so far this year) murdered before they even leave the ‘safe space’ of their mother’s womb. They are murdered needlessly, while the cow, pig, and lamb at least DO grow up and are killed so that others can have good nutrients to eat. The cow, pig, and sheep are killed for a purpose, and not simply because people decided that it would be too inconvenient for them to live. You should think a little more before posting false crap like this.


    1. Abortion is a separate issue from animal rights, although one that is frequently brought up. You will find animal rights activists on both sides of this debate. However, the beauty of it is it fits both sides. If you are pro choice, logically you should be against the exploitation of female bodies, being forced to churn out baby after baby or egg after eg, and then having their babies taken away to be killed. And when you cannot produce more, you are murdered. If you are anti abortion, then logically you must be against the grinding up of baby male chicks for the egg industry, or the killing of pregnant animals in slaughterhouses which is knwon to be quite common, this is where fetal pigs are sourced for dissection. As for this purpose you speak of, it makes no difference to the victims whatsoever. Besides, the true purpose is pleasure only as we know it is not needed. Abortion is also more complicated than you have made it out to be. Being born is not always a blessing. In fact, we know that banning abortion does not in fact help anyone, it only drives women to more desperate measures. And when aboriton is legalized, crime rates can actually go down. The rights of the mother also dictate we cannot force her to give birth or do anything with her body she does not want to. If one does not support abortion, do not have one. But until it is you who is pregnant, it is not your choice.


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